About usSimplifying student commute experience

Mr. Parth BhangdiyaFounder, O Bhau

O Bhau is the brainchild of Parth Bhangdiya, the founder. With a sheer knack for problem solving at such an age, Parth, a student himself came up with the path-breaking idea for solving the student commute issue when the civil restrictions were eased after the pandemic.

As the learning switched from online to in-person, Parth witnessed that students were facing the issue of travelling to their learning centres be it for academic or non-academic purposes.

The pandemic wave had weakened the unorganised commute infrastructure with many drivers or commute partners leaving for their hometowns in light of safety. The ones who were plying were offering services at exorbitant rates.

That’s when the idea came to Parth to organise the commute infrastructure under one roof with a promise of excellence in delivery, safety and hyperconnectivity. And there began the inception of a student commute platform in the form of O Bhau, a platform that would shape the contours of commute for students in cities and towns. With its robust network by pioneering ideas from Parth, O Bhau is changing the landscape of student commute, one trip at a time.

Our Story

The core of O Bhau’s philosophy is the humane approach to streamline the student commute ecosystem. It understands the problems faced by parents with regards to their child's commute and their safety.
O Bhau makes parents’ lives simple, and the student or child commute easier, safer and seamless.

The perfectly cushioned commute with the help of a highly efficient platform and a network of fleet with a myriad of features makes the commute a joy ride for children and students.

For the fleet owners, individual service providers, and institutes, O Bhau brings the opportunity to expand their operations and unlock new territories for an unstoppable growth.

Our Purpose

Through its robust & secure commute framework, O Bhau aims to cultivate a thriving space for parents, children, teachers, institutes, fleet owners and individual service providers with growth opportunities for all, better quality of life and to build a distinctive system that makes the most of Industry 4.0.

What We Do

O Bhau’s fully integrated system offers an easy & safe commute for children or students with a seamless network of superior quality transport vehicles supported by fleet owners and individual service providers.