For IndividualsEmpowering car owners to rejuvenate the commuter community


More than often individual vehicle owners face difficulties in daily operations and have to battle uncertain income because they cannot access a wide student commuter base. O Bhau revitalises the chain of individual vehicle owners with its precise approach to cultivate the commuter base.

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Problems We Are Solving

O Bhau takes care of the coverage issue faced by individual vehicle owners, and helps them to set up a solid income stream through optimised planning and streamlining their daily operations.

Services for Individuals:

Through a solid mix of algorithms, AI, GPS and a powerful back-end, O Bhau provides operations solutions to individual vehicle owners. The O Bhau GPS tracker helps the individual vehicle owners in planning and optimising their routes, so they could save on the fuel cost while on the go.

Benefits for Individuals:

O Bhau empowers the individual vehicle owners to share an equal platform with the large fleet owners thereby putting the entire system in self-renewal and self-improvisation mode for unmatched services to the parents and the children.

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Requirements to drive with O Bhau:

Turn the ignition key on by registering with O Bhau.

Press the clutch by submitting necessary documents

Check the windscreen and rearview mirror as you undergo the security check-up Including the police verification

Hold the steering in position with O Bhau GPS tracker installed in your vehicle by your side

Step on the pedal and drive straight into the world of O Bhau’s centralised network