In the age of digital, education and knowledge in all the fields hold equal importance. O Bhau strengthens the pillars of the Learning Centres through its services and helps them enter the uncharted territories.

Problems We Are Solving

O Bhau’s multi-pronged approach not just benefits the parents or the children, it also catalyses the growth of Learning Centres as it brings students to the Learning Centres from areas that are not in the Learning Centres’ vicinity.

Services for Learning Centres:

Through its tested & trusted model of operations, O Bhau helps the Learning Centres to build better relations with the students and their parents. It helps the Learning Centres to cut down on the cost of student commute and the fuel expenses.

Benefits for Learning Centres:

Working in tandem with O Bhau brings in a slew of benefits for the Learning Centres that include focussed knowledge-sharing, upscaling of business operations, resourcefulness and greater revenue generation.

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Requirements to Register with O Bhau:

The Learning Centres can register with O Bhau by submitting the establishment-related documents, the category to which they belong to out of academic and non-academic and by pinning their location on the map. Before you know it, you’re a part of O Bhau’s ever-growing network and ecosystem and can give wings to your operations and revenue streams.