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O Bhau is a hard-wearing ecosystem that benefits everyone equally including the fleet owners who have a vast sea of commuter vehicles in their alley.

Problems We Are Solving

A lot of fleet owners are looking to expand their operations but are limited by the lack of proper screening and supply of passengers in their operational area. O Bhau puts fleet owners on the progressive path by integrating its database of those looking to avail the commute services with the operational finesse of the fleet owners.

Services for Fleet Owners:

Through its smooth and hassle-free registration process,
O Bhau brings along expansion opportunities. We also provide installation of GPS trackers to show cost-efficient routes and the traffic forecast.

Benefits for Fleet Owners:

With O Bhau, fleet owners can finally take the flight and multiply their revenues and also add more units to their fleet as the expansive network and route of O Bhau opens many avenues for them to optimise and fully deploy their fleet.

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Requirements to drive with O Bhau:

Registering with O Bhau is easy and
involves no hassle.

All fleet owners need is:

Furnishing necessary documents

Submitting vehicle documentation

Undergoing security check-up including the police verification

Getting the O Bhau GPS tracker installed in their vehicles